artificial planet evolution

The next stage in the evolution of the acclaimed ai.planet.  A proof-of-concept was made in 2007, but never taken further due to unavailability of funding.  A pre-MineCraft-like game, we hope this shows the visionary nature of our products: ahead-of-their-time, we only need to match up with an investor/publisher with similar ambitions to bring our ideas to fruition and commercialize them.

naiture – sneak peek

naiture – many planets

naiture – plants

naiture – blocks

Unfortunately these videos were taken on an underpowered laptop, as an appropriately-powered machine was not available. The simulation runs much faster and smoother on a basic machine. Oh what we could do with some funding!

naiture – snow cycle

naiture – cold side

These last two videos are time-lapses demonstrating rudimentary weather effects. Keep in mind it is not simply a graphical representation, but a fully immersive and interactive world with deformable physics.