multiplayer castle blaster

In another life, you were Budge: a reckless, careless, inventor. Now stuck in a mysterious world, you don’t know why you are here, only that you have a dreadful feeling that you are incomplete. Soon you discover that your soul has been split into separate shards. You can no longer talk or invent the things you once were able to. The creative spirit has dislodged from your soul, and without your heart to guide him, he has become mischievous and mad with power. Inventing fiendous machines and diabolical traps, he aims to stay free from you forever. The only chance you have to become whole again, is to find the scattered shards of your soul and trap him. He calls himself Block, and he stole your smile!

Blocked was made in 2006 for the Pascal Game Development Competition, with art done by Reid Bianco. It finished in second place but was later withdrawn in protest to the music award being given to pirated music from an existing commercial game instead of original music made by the contestants. Afterwards it was made available for sale to the public, and although it did not gain a large popularity, there was a core group of dedicated players during its run.  We hope to resuscitate this game one day as it has enormous potential.

Cannon (First Level)

Ice Castle (Second Level)

Ice Cube Bridge (Second Level Boss)

Hydro Hydra (Second Level Boss)

Cloudipede (Final Boss)

Elevator Pitch for Canadian Game Competition

Currently Blocked is no longer available to download. We still have installers and plan to put them online again at some point!