Our Canadian company has a knack for bold software ventures.

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Our upcoming game has been crowdfunded this March 2015!

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Technologies we are ready to build apps with.

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Our goal is to create outlandish games full of metaphor, that bring something of philosophical value to the player.

Dave Kerr, Designer

News & Updates

What's Budding at Naturally Intelligent

News: iOS and Android Releases

Posted by N.I. on Oct 19, 2017

Standalone versions of the first episode, Patchman vs. Red Circles, have launched on mobile! Apple AppStore: iOS Google Play: Android Watch the trailer on YouTube, or buy the all-episode package on...

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News: Episode One Early Access

Posted by N.I. on Mar 1, 2017

The first episode of Don’t Be Patchman has been released on Steam! In Early Access, the game has been divided into four quadrants, each an episode about a floating island with its own setting and theme.  Mac OSX support has been added, with a plethora of new...

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News: Steam Early Access Release

Posted by N.I. on Jul 30, 2015

Don’t Be Patchman is launching on Steam Early Access as a Linux exclusive – the first time in Steam’s history!  Windows and MacOSX versions will follow.  As promised in our Kickstarter, our Earliest Alpha has arrived in July. STORE PAGE: Don’t...

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